Five More Ways To Make Family Visits Fun

If you read my blog regularly, you may remember that I wrote about five things that my family enjoys when we get together for holidays or vacation. I wrote about the general things we do that most other families would enjoy. Here, however, is a list of five things my family also does for fun.

  1. Clean out Mom’s freezer. Who enjoys cleaning a freezer?   Doing it alone makes it a chore. Doing it with a group makes it a great guessing game! Why did mom freeze two squished buns? What is the mystery meat? Do you really like frozen okra? GIVE ME THAT COOKIE DOUGH! This game is hard on Mom, but she’s a sport, and in the end she has a clean, organized freezer.
  2. Measure everyone. Yes, we actually did this the last time my sister was home. Why? Who knows. But my brother started off by measuring a couple of the little kids, and before it was over we measured just about everyone in the house. Mom was glad to know she hasn’t lost any height in her “old age.” I got half an inch taller!
  3. Argue about who inherits the good stuff. Frankly, we all love each other too much to hold a grudge about who gets the china and who gets the china cabinet (I do.) But for my whole life, when looking at family heirlooms, we’ve enjoyed a good skirmish over who gets what. Careful negotiations have possibly concluded that if I give up my claim on the antique doll (promised to me by my grandmother, the doll’s original owner,) and allow my mother to leave it to my sister (since our grandmother promised it to her,) my sister will leave it to my daughter, the only girl in her generation old enough to remember my grandmother, who promised her the doll. It makes me feel kinda bad for my cousin, who may not get it, since she was promised the doll by our grandmother when she was little.
  4. Cut down trees. My youngest brother-in-law is talented and insane. During one family reunion when the men got bored, they decided to cut down a couple of trees killed during the previous hard winter. Showing off just a little, my b-i-l put a peg in the ground and declared that the tree would fall right on the peg. But he missed. Okay, by an inch or so, but he still missed! The men swarmed with chainsaws, the kids loaded branches into the truck, and the bonfire lasted all night. We can’t wait to do it again.
  5. SING! Sing hymns. Pop songs. Break into song spontaneously. Declare Opera Day, and everyone has to sing whatever they want to say. Gather around the piano, pick a banjo, hook up Guitar Hero. Watch musicals and sing along. Sing kids’ songs, camp songs, and army songs. Yes, it’s noisy, but at our house there is seldom an hour that goes by without some type of song. There is no need to be a good singer. The Bible says to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. I doesn’t say anything about it being good. The Lord gave you your voice and asked for your praise, so inflict it on Him! The sound of joy is always beautiful.

Yes, this is what really happens when our family gets together. I’ll probably be in trouble for going public, but frankly, we have tons more fun than most families. Time spent together with your family is never wasted, whether you’re making cookies like Martha Stewart or measuring grandpa to see if he’s shrunk. Time is a gift of love.

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