Stop The World

Ever just want to yell “Stop the world, I wanna get off!” We used to understand that God made Sunday for just that purpose (or Saturday, if your views lean that way.) God gave us one day a week, and ordered us not to work on that day, and not to require anyone to work for us on that day. God knew what He was doing.

 Years ago, when Sunday was a day of enforced laziness, people tended to forget why God gave us a day off. It was boring and inconvenient, especially if you’d neglected to buy gas on Saturday or were out of some important ingredient for Sunday dinner. Sunday was a day for visiting family or staying home. Lawn mowing was frowned on. Shopping was impossible. With nothing else to do, the family sat down in front of the TV after dinner and watched the Wonderful World of Disney together or attended the Sunday evening service at church.

 Then Sunday Blue Laws became obsolete, and soon you could buy gas on Sunday, making it a good day to travel. Little by little, stores began staying open on Sunday, making it a convenient day to shop. A few years ago, childhood sports developed “traveling teams” to groom elite athletes for high school. As these teams pulled the best athletes from the area, they needed to travel farther to find other elite teams to play. And so children lost their only day off from organized activity. Now games in all sports are often scheduled on Sunday.

 We’re missing something. When we gave up boring Sundays, we gave up the option to rest. We lost a reason to say no to planned activity and just do nothing for an afternoon. When’s the last time you did nothing? It’s inconceivable in today’s world. Doing nothing is viewed as time lost.

 But we’re all tired. We’re physically, emotionally and spiritually tired. And maybe that’s because we were created to work and play hard for six days, and to rest on the seventh. To take a break, and to give others a break, too. God did all the work of creation in six days, and on the seventh day, God rested. If God Himself saw the need to rest, why do we feel lazy when we do nothing for one afternoon? So next Sunday, I’m going to stop the world and get off for a while. I invite all of you to join me.

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