Defeated By a Cookie

I love Girl Scout cookies.  Not all of them, actually.  Just Thin Mints. There is nothing out there that is just like a Thin Mint. Substitutes won’t do.  You can only get them once a year.  I buy a case.

They can be frozen.  Think you have to wait for them to thaw?  Of course not, they’re great straight out of the freezer.  They can be crumbled on ice cream.  They can be given as gifts, because while you might not give your friend Oreos for her birthday, a true Thin Mint lover will know that giving up a box is a real sacrifice.

A serving is one whole sleeve.  Oh, I know the box says something silly like four cookies.  Everyone knows they lie.  The only way to stop at four cookies is to leave the sleeve in the freezer.  That way you have to exercise by walking to the kitchen to get another cookie.

In general, I’m pretty unhappy with the policies and practices of the Girl Scouts. I don’t have a problem with local troops, but the larger organization seems to have abandoned traditional values in pursuit of trendiness.  I’m glad my daughters are past the Girl Scout stage.  I’d think twice now about allowing them to be part of that larger organization.  I want to follow my conscience and withdraw my support.

But I’m defeated by Thin Mints.

4 Responses to “Defeated By a Cookie”

  1. Anne says:

    Neener neener neener. I can sometimes eat as few as 3.

    Thin Mints rule. I gotta admit that.

  2. Sherri says:

    I fear that the cookie defeats me in many ways. They sabatage my diet plans. They make a mockery of my statements that we should eat foods with nutritional value (although peanut butter patties DO have protein, don’t they?). They leave me financially supporting an organization that I am not fond of – at least at the national level – our local leaders are wonderful.
    Those thin mints still chilled from the freezer with a nice cup of hot coffee – Heavenly! And people who claim that “grashoppers” cookies are the same as thin mints are crazy! What can I say – I just can’t resist.

  3. Diana says:

    My cookies are being held hostage by a vacationing parent, and I think it is a conspiracy to make me stick to my diet…when I do get them, I have tons of determination to enjoy one serving a day, but I do feel as if my definition of a serving will be closer to a dozen, rather that what the box says…

  4. admin says:

    I had one serving of cookies today, and I counted to be sure. There are actually 16 cookies in a serving. There’s no sense in leaving 4 cookies in the bottom of the sleeve after you eat a dozen. They’ll just get stale.

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