Forever In Blue Jeans

My favorite blue jeans died today.

 As I put them on, my toe went through the seat.  Big hole.  I nearly cried.  These are my comfy jeans, the ones I’m sure look good.  The ones that are never irritating.  They’re a lovely lightweight denim, soft as butter, and they hug me like a lover.  As often as I wore them, it’s a wonder they lasted as long as they did.

 Blue jeans are kinda like people.  There are all shapes and sizes and colors, and most of them are good, but a few are evil.  Some are a fashion flash in the pan, good for a short time but quickly discarded.  Some you never like, though you may not really know why.   Some are okay for a few hours but not comfortable for long stretches.  Some seemed to fit when you bought them but later shrink or stretch or end up too short.

 But now and then you find just the right pair.  The color is soft and faded, the fabric doesn’t rub, and the waste doesn’t pinch.  After a few hours, you forget they’re not sweats.  And then one magic day, you take a nap in them and when you wake up, they still feel good.  They are a joy and a comfort.  And you love them more than any item in your closet.

 So I’m in mourning now.  Their time is over, and all I have left is a handful of worn denim that I will never sew into a quilt, although I’ll add it to the bag of jeans saved for someday.  Not a single pair of the jeans left in my closet will ever replace them.  None of them are quite right.

 I think I’ll go shopping.

2 Responses to “Forever In Blue Jeans”

  1. Kaitlyn says:

    Hey Aunt Renee,
    Sorry about your jeans, I know what its like. Anyways, just thought I’d let you know I’m reading. Good luck with this blog. It has been very interesting. Say hi to everyone for me.


    Mom says hi.

  2. admin says:

    You are a precocious child, katydid. Glad you liked it. I miss you bunches. Tell Mom Hi from me.

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