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Monday, May 18th, 2009

Today I’m trying to work but getting nothing accomplished.  I spent an hour doing my morning accounting, a fifteen minute job.  I spent the next hour sorting through desk drawers, shuffling papers, and checking my phone for messages.  Well,  I also spent part of that time trying to think of songs with gambling as a theme, at the request of my daughter’s music class.  I have no idea what they’re learning there.  Right now I’m hard at work filing government forms.  Or maybe not.  How long til lunch?

The human brain is a funny thing.  Yesterday I had decided that I was tired and I wouldn’t push to get too much accomplished.  As a result, I did paperwork that normally takes three days in two hours.  Every piece of paper made sense, all the numbers added up, nothing was lost in the wrong pile.  Why does that happen?  And how can I make it happen every day?  Oh, wait.  If it happened every day, I’d work myself out of a job in less than a week.

I suppose it’s good that my brain knows that sometimes work has to be done.  And I guess that it’s also figured out that since I worked hard yesterday, I can afford to goof off today.    But if I had focus like yesterday all the time, I’d be a millionaire by now.  Maybe there’s a pill for that?  There’s a pill for everything else.  I know, because I read about it while goofing off this morning.

What was I writing about?  Oh, yeah, getting stuff done.  Filing paperwork.  That’s why I turned on the computer.  OH, THAT’S why I turned on the computer!  Did I mention that the human brain is a funny thing?