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A Mission From Grandma

Monday, April 13th, 2009

I’m not that much of a traditional woman. I’m what most of my older female relatives would probably call slovenly when it comes to keeping my house tidy and clean. But I was taught to clean by my grandmother, and she taught me right. So even if the day to day things go by the wayside, when spring arrives, I have to do it. Spring cleaning is ingrained, and a good bit of the house will get clean before I get tired of cleaning.

Between kids and work (and updating my Facebook status) I don’t have a lot of uninterrupted cleaning time, so I try to tackle small things ahead of the big Spring Break Cleaning Project. So this year my first foray into cleanliness and order was my closet. It’s a big walk-in closet with double racks and plenty of floor space, every inch of which was covered in stuff. Shoes, clothes, shopping bags, books and hangers all had a party and passed out on the floor of my closet six months ago, and no one ever sent them home.

I spent an entire afternoon sorting clothes, ruthlessly tossing shapeless t-shirts and pants that never fit right to begin with. I put the shoes in the shoe bag, the purses on hooks, the hangers on the closet rod. I carried armloads of books to the shelves and tossed a bag full of trash. I swept and dusted and straightened and sorted in a spring-cleaning zone, while everything else took a backseat for once. I got so carried away I even cleaned the dresser drawers.

I’m finally finished, and the closet is the neatest, cleanest place in my house, for now. But look out, House! It’s spring and I’m on a mission from my grandma!