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I’m On Twitter! Now What?

Monday, April 6th, 2009

I’m trying to understand Twitter.  I enjoy thinking that I’m technologically somewhat more knowledgeable than many women my age, and twitter has interested me since I heard about it a while back.  But as a working mom with a non-self-cleaning house, I haven’t found time to explore it until now.  Okay, I was busy updating my Facebook status.

When I heard about Twitter, I was intrigued.  You say whatever you want in a very small number of characters, and complete strangers eagerly follow your thoughts.  How cool is that?  I thought it would be like releasing haiku into cyberspace.  I was eager to try it.

Then I read some tweets.  “Drinking coffee–it’s good.”  “Going to the movies.”  “Feeding the baby.”  While this information may be useful and even interesting to those acquainted with the tweeter, why would random strangers care?  I decided all the followers must be men.  Women are too busy for that.

But now I have a twitter account, and I’ll be telling anyone who cares that I’m having a bad hair day or that I’m too lazy to cook so I”m buying $5 pizza for dinner.  Welcome to my life!