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Playing Like You’re 5

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

My baby niece is turning one this week.  My youngest sister waited until she was 40 to have a child. Madelyn is the youngest of my parents’ grandchildren, number 17, and she’s one we thought we might never have, so she’s kinda special.

 I can’t make it to her birthday party this weekend. Thankfully, the invitation includes an adorable picture of the birthday girl, and my parents are going to the party and can take a gift from her Auntie Renee.  My son is the oldest grandchild, and my baby sister was always prompt with gifts for him.  The two of them are quite a pair, oldest and youngest.  18 years separate them, but he plays with her as if he’s five.  It’s a joy to see the love shared by these children who are so far apart in age but so close in love. 

I don’t see my sister nearly often enough, and Madelyn is growing out of babyhood too fast.  In a blink, she’ll be grown like my son.  I hope she’ll play with his children like she’s five.