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Travelling Light

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

I was laughing the other day at a friend who was telling me about taking his college-aged daughter on a trip.  He lamented the fact that she was taking more bags than the number of days they’d be gone.  I felt bad for him.  Having been a twenty year old girl at one point, I completely understand his daughter’s needs.  Having been a guy all his life, he doesn’t have a clue.

 It reminded me of the first time I went to Florida.  I had no idea what I’d need, and so I packed everything  imaginable, just in case. I had five large bags and two smaller ones (small being relative to how big the other ones were.)  My husband kept questioning why I needed to take so many bags.  Wasn’t there anything I could leave behind?  But he just didn’t understand.  I needed a bag for shoes, so I’d have sandals for the beach and dressier shoes for evening and walking shoes for shopping.  I needed one bag for makeup and hair supplies. A big bag.  One had nothing but bathing suits and beach towels.  One was my purse.  I was not a fan of small purses then.  Two bags contained clothes for every conceivable event, but one was a suit bag so it barely counted.  And, of course, one contained a week’s supply of books.

 Luckily, I was still newly married enough that my husband felt responsible for carrying the heaviest bags.  I think childbirth must be what changes this perk of marriage.  Men think we’re all helpless and weak until they see us lugging the baby with the stroller, car seat, and huge diaper bag along with a carload of packages when returning from the mall.  Then all illusions are shattered, and they let us carry our own luggage.

 I’ve learned to pack a little lighter now, to leave a few things behind and trust that if needed, they can be bought at the nearest Walmart.  So this summer as I packed to go to the beach, I wisely took only what I would really need.  And it all fit nicely in….uh…seven bags.